My first Puma v-Konstrukt III Boots

Well I placed my first order through the site and right on time my new pair of Puma v-Konstrukt III boots arrived. As you can see I tried them on and the first thing i noticed is what a snug fit they are.

Puma V Konstrukt III Boots
Puma V Konstrukt III Boots

Puma v-Konstrukt III’s have a Solid Base

First impressions are that they have a good solid base that will give good grip in soft grounds and they will not deform in the manner that old style boots did.

v-Konstrukt Uppers

I like the solid feel to the heel which will give me confidence when making quick changes of direction and generally the uppers feel firm but pliable. Just need to wear them for a few weeks and then I will give a full playing report.

Negatives of the v-Konstrukt III Boots

My only negative observation is the lack of front of foot protection. So it will be interesting to see how I get on in the first ruck or maul, someone is bound to stand on them especially with the bright lime green making me stand-out.
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