New Rugby Boots Stud Layout Trial For 2012

The IRB has approved a first for many years with the trials of a new layout for rugby boot studs. The studs used will still need to conform to the existing law which is: Law 4 and IRB Specifications (Regulation 12). The law refers to clothing and 4.3 studs. We will not go into the detail here, if you would like to read the law just follow this link: Law 4 which will take you on to the relevant laws pages.

Sole configuration

The new sole configuration being trialled is a shift in stance as with the fear of raking (boots being dragged over a player lying on the floors body) The studs have always been in pairs. This new configuration allows for them to be off-set. The offset here is enough to have the front stud out on its own but it is hoped it should not add to the chances of injury. This configuration is used in Rugby League Boots and so far there have been no injuries inflicted because of their use.

We will keep an eye out for the findings and report further when the conclusions are announced. Our opinion is these are no more dangerous or likely to cause injury than the existing blades.

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  1. think the idea John is to provide more traction and reduce the chances of inury to players from raking at rucks

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