Nike release the stunning new Mercurial Vapor IX

Nike have officially released the highly anticipated Mercurial Vapor IX, unleashing two bold colourways to suit the game’s most dynamic players.

With an emphasis on explosive speed the Mercurial Vapor IX features a unique two-piece glass fibre sole plate which enhances flexibility and responsiveness, while the boot’s upper locks the foot down, creating stability and preventing unnecessary movement.

SunsetFireberryVaporIXRugbyBootsAdding further to the unparralleled platform the Mercurial Vapor provides is the innovative stud configuration, which boasts twin studs at the rear mixed with highly responsive blades to ensure player’s can change direction at top-speed and generate explosive cceleration when necessary.

The textured upper on the boot produces friction when it comes time to put boot to ball, creating a natural feel and ensuring kickers gain extra power and accuracy when wearing the Vapor Ixs, while Nike’s ground-breaking All Conditions Control (ACC) system promises optimal performance regardless of weather or ground conditions.


Initially released in two stunning colourways, Fireberry and Sunset, it’s anticipated that Union and League superstar Sonny Bill Williams will be one of the first professional players to sport the new boots, with their release to the general public scheduled for January 31st.

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