Nike Tiempo Legend Rugby Boots

An all-time top performer, the Nike Tiempo Boot is a classic which came as VI, V, Elite IV, Legacy, Genio, Natural, Legend III and Mystic. They all are offering the traction and durability you need to strike the ball with exceptional comfort, touch and feel. The Tiempo Legend is a great choice for kids, with the traditional leather upper of a classic rugby boot, worn by the likes of Owen Farrell and popular with young and old. Scroll down for all options, including kids & cheaper and older versions.

The Nike Tiempo Legend is now on its 8th generation and has gone through Under the Radar, Kinetic Black, Future Lab, and Future DNA colourways.

Tiempo Legend 8 Elite Rugby

It is easy to understand why top speed players wear the Tiempo Legend 8. Made from super soft premium Kangaroo Leather with a debossed diamond pattern and ACC technology, the Tiempo Legend 8 has a soft thin pliable upper that may not be as plush as that of a stitched leather but is water and mud resistant, allowing for optimal ball touch in any weather.

Touching a little bit more on the structure of the Tiempo Legend VIII, the reinforcement is mainly coming from the Quad fit mesh technology and a little bit from Flyknit that makes up the lacing zone. The reinforcement is completed by the synthetic material that composes the quarter and heel area where the Tiempo branding is located. The layering of the leather, Quadfit, and Flyknit is not glued, therefore providing out-of-the-box softness and comfort.

As mentioned above, the quilted diamond pattern prevents the accumulation of water and mud on the upper. It also avoids the perforations stitchings like the one found in Tiempo Legend IV would cause. The Flyknit tunnel around the midfoot hugs the arch of the foot to make players feel more secure and offer a supportive fit. This boot also features an internal foam sock liner for ultimate comfort and a formed heel which provides cushioning and stability.

The Quadfit mesh that covers the forefoot and the sides of the foot complements the Flyknit tunnel and collar by providing a bit of a stretch to accommodate most foot types and restriction during motions for a gentle lockdown. It also prevents the leather upper from overstretching. The lockdown is also customizable thanks to the central lacing system which also complements the Quadfit mesh as the lace holes are connected to the said technology.

Pro and Academy Tiempos

The cheaper alternatives to the Elite Tiempos are the Pro and Academy variations. Both takedown models have a premium calfskin leather, though the Pro has an additional microfibre mesh lining and stretch mesh tongue to replicate the fit and feel of Quadfit. For natural surfaces, the Pro has a full fledge FG model while the Academy is multigrounded. The soft ground variations would see the Pro having a SG-only (no moulded blades) and the Academy primarily being SG PRO Anti Clog.

The Tiempo Legend also has Jr. options of the Academy and the Club models. Those looking for children's boots should look at these below:

Kids Tiempo Legend

Tiempo Rugby Soft Ground Option

Twisting and turning are welcome in the Tiempo Legend 8 with its SG soleplate with AntiClog technology. The soleplate runs a full-length adaptive polymer that makes the plate hydrophilic, allowing the plate to use moisture to slide off mud and prevent such from building up. In the end, the hydrophilic nature of the SG AntiClog plate makes it easy to clean and maintain and thus lasts longer. The SG stud plate also maintains the stud pattern of the FG's Hyperstability plate with only the six metal studs replacing the rear chevrons and four midfoot conicals being the difference.

The SG retains the mini chevron and blade on the tip of the toe as well as the supportive chevron in the middle of the forefoot. The lightweight FG hyperstability soleplate has four studs on the heel (two chevrons at the back and two blades at the front) and nine on the forefoot. The forefoot stud configuration features one chevron and one blade positioned side-by-side at the tip, while the rest of the forefoot has six conical studs by the edges (three on each side). Right in the middle of the conical studs is a single chevron stud. Such stud combination allows the plate to get both significant traction bite as well as smooth foot pivots. The engineered plate is designed to move with your foot for transitional flexibility and comfort. The combination of cone-shaped cleats and direct-inject blades maximizes surface penetration and traction while dispersing cleat pressure.