Number 8 Boots

Rampaging off the back of the scrum, leaping in lineouts or fielding deep kicks – the role of a Number 8 is diverse indeed. A classic Number 8 is a big, ball running forward who chargers at the line and constantly makes the advantage line. But the classic Number 8 is also gifted with the skills to control the ball at the back of the scrum, and the confidence to hang back and weight for lofted kicks, before returning them with interest!

Best No 8 Rugby Boots

Adidas Predator Malice Control

Adidas has indeed dominated the rugby pitch today as evidenced by the number of players wearing them in a match. And as far as No. 8 is concerned, the Predator Malice Control is very suitable to his function as the binder of the locks in scrums and possibly the starter of the back play moves. With the Predator Malice Control's raised rubber blades in the forefoot, he can decide to control the ball with his foot instead and let the scrum-half initiate play instead. The raised heel for dynamic foot positioning, synthetically reinforced knitted upper, and flexible nylon outsole helps the player to either become the driver of the scrum or explosively initiate the run-in play should he decide to take control of the ball.

Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 Beta

The No. 8 finds a light comfortable feeling from one of the finest K-leather boot in the market, with the upper's construction providing a sensation that it is gently glued to the foot no matter what. The use of the K-leather also gives the boot a nice durable stretch should the No. 8 continuously engage in a scrum. Its external heel counter makes sure the ankle stays stable and in place, ready to burst for the tackle, breakdown, push, or sprint. The boot is even lighter with the construction of the Beta Mesh on the midfoot.

Gilbert Kaizen X 1.1 Power

For the No. 8 that chooses to remain as the foundation of the scrum, the Gilbert Kaizen X 1.1 Power, as the name suggests, is a boot that gives him all the power that he needs. It has a 10mm heel raise which immediately readies him for the push and a soft gel insert upon which his foot can rest easy. Its Prozone Wide Fit last and premium Hydro-R Grade A leather guarantees the No. 8 a nice good fit and sensation no matter his foot shape and size.

Rugby's Number 8

Number 8s play a vital role in the scrum, holding the entire pack together and providing the icing on the cake when it comes to a dynamic 'hit' at the engagement. Hence their boots must provide optimal support and traction, whilst also allow them to be mobile and explosive with their movement around the park. As part of the back row, the no.8 should work closely with his flankers to provide the link that maintains a forward movement of play. The number 8 must retain possession, recycle the ball and give the team continuity. In defence, he is an important figure in winning possession of the ball from the opposition.

In the scrum, the number 8 binds the locks and he drives when the ball comes in, this helps to transmit all the force in the scrum forwards. The number 8 has to control the ball at the back of the scrum with his feet, whilst maintaining his binding on the locks. He may need to transfer the ball to his right foot to allow his scrum-half to pass the ball without interference from opposite number 9. The number 8 may also pick up the ball from the scrum to start any back row moves.