Best Rugby Boots for Props

What is the best type of boot for a Prop? The Props are the strong guys on the rugby field and they need a good quality, strong but flexible boot.

We should look at the primary needs of a prop and they are a strong boot to withstand the massive forces of the push in the scrum whilst giving the support for all other activities. As with the hooker the right type of boot is key.we would choose either a mid or high cut boot for the props by preference though some of the top guys prefer the lower boot as do some hookers who feel the lower boot gives them more flexibility both in the strike at scrum time and around the park.

Choosing Boots For Props

What Boots for Props

There are two types of prop, loose and tight head and they use slightly different techniques in the scrum. Both need to be strong in the neck, shoulders, upper body and legs to withstand the pressures. In line-outs for adult rugby they need to be able to support or lift the jumper, all this requires dynamic strength.

The Prop as the name implies is the contact point between the opposing teams and as such supports the Hooker and the rest of the scrum. This means that he will through his technique and strength control the impact and then the drive as the ball is moved back through the scrum.

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