Puma EvoSpeed – Player’s Review

We recently asked Lawrence Babe, a top-level club player in Christchurch, who was a member of the Canterbury Sevens Squad last year and is currently in the UK with Belfast Harlequins, to try the Puma EvoSpeeds out in a few games, and to let us know what he thought of them.

I gave the boots to Lawrence a couple of hours before kickoff one week, and thought he’d file them away until training the following week, to allow himself some time to break them in. But he threw them on for the warm-up and ended up playing 80 minutes in them that very first day, experiencing no after-effects in terms of blistering or foot pain.

He was most struck by the weight of the boot, impressed by the one-piece soleplate which not only added stability but allowed Puma to create a boot which is one of the lightest on the market, yet is durable enough to stand-up to the rigours of forward play.

He found the configuration of the studs to be great for generating power, enabling him to change direction quickly, and explode off the ground at lineout time.

He also commented on the synthetic print on the inside of the boot, which gripped the foot and enhanced both comfort and support.

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