Puma Future Ultimate Rugby Boots

The Puma Future is a football boot in essence, created for the agile Brazilian superstar Neymar. This has not stopped some rugby players from bringing the silo on to their own sport. And why not? The Future has its own distinct features that can make your rugby game enjoyable. Springboks’ Franco Mostert and Duane Vermeulen have already given the Future Ultimate the best justification for the boot’s place in rugby when they won the 2023 World Cup Final wearing the said Puma boot.

The Makeup of the Puma Future Ultimate

Fuzionfit360 upper

Comprised of a coated dual-mesh layer, 3D forefoot texture, stretchy knitted tongue and collar

Dynamic Motion System soleplate

Peba-based with a combination of moulded and metal studs, and a slanted midfoot bar connecting the front and rear plates

The Puma Future has that Fuzion360 upper that spans the entirety of the upper. It has a coated dual-mesh material that transitions to a stretchy knit towards the tongue and collar. Zigzag PWRTAPEs are placed on either side of the central lacing system to work with the one-piece upper construction in giving structure to the boot. 3D textures on the forefoot increases friction points between the boot and the ball, with the aim of enhancing ball grip for dribbling, passing and shooting.

The Dynamic Motion System tooling houses bladed studs, some triangular and some more like diamond, in support of the metal cone studs (four at the front and two at the back). The plate itself is peba-based and has the midfoot section shaped into a slanted bar.

More often than not, a Puma Future Ultimate rugby player is…

…someone who values comfort above all else. The dual-mesh layers has that wonderful soft sensation whenever it is pressed against your foot. Since it covers everything from heel to toe, with just the arch as the exemption, the feel of the upper is pretty much consistent throughout the foot. The stretchy knit itself jives perfectly to the comfort levels of the main upper material. Structure and responsiveness are decent, but certainly gives way to comfort as the primary draw of the Future Ultimate. The same can be said of the lockdown.

We can imagine a front rower in a pair of Future Ultimates just because the Puma boot provides a soft haven from the demanding grinds of scrums. The peba-based soleplate also offers a nice level of snapback that can help him stand his ground and push back the opposition when they lock horns with each other. On the other hand, a kicker can also be fond of the Future if he is the type that prefers a padded ball touch instead of taking the sting of ball contacts.

In terms of fit, the Future Ultimate is best for rugby players with wide feet. The space and shape of the foot demands a high-volume type of foot. In addition, the silo runs a quarter or half-size long, so there’s that decision to be made to either stay true-to-size or go half-a-size down depending on the sufficiency of your foot width.

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