Puma H8 Rugby Boots

A mix of high performance, premium leather quality, and affordable price is what you can expect from the Puma H8 boots. Continue reading on to know more about their specific features.

Key Points for the Puma H8

The Puma H8 lineup is the King Hero and King Pro. The major difference between the Hero and Pro is that the Hero has a traditional tongue and a soft full grain synthetic leather upper whereas the Pro has an integrated tongue for an easy and seamless slip-on construction, and a sleek premium K-leather on an almost one-piece upper. Both feature a classic black colourway and appeals to those who prefer the classic leather feel when stepping on the pitch. The duoflex outsole is also used in the Hero and Pro to support the studs. The Hero though has a stitched texture while the Pro has a smoother cleaner look with just an ribbed toe cage to hold of the leather from overstretching. The Puma King have been manufactured for quite some time now but still meet the needs of the modern game.

Previous Puma H8 Boots

Perfect for forwards and flankers, the Puma evoPower 4 H8 brought raw power to the game by way of its design and make. The soft synthetic upper and thick soft padding around the heel and ankle made up the boot's snug and comfortable fit which can be further adjusted with the asymmetrical lacing system. The evoPower 4 H8 went all out for the studs as it brings on 6 metal ones on the forefoot and 2 on the rear to create a difference in scrum performance with exceptionally powerful forward play.

Another boot for the fowards then was the Puma One H8. Its PU outsole was completed with an 8-stud configuration made of aluminum and a duoflext technology for flexibility, ensuring one was immovably grounded and primed for those brute force scrimmages in scrums. The synthetic leather upper with dotted texture made sure it was both durable and lightweight, while the spandex collar ensured that one has that secure snug feel around the ankle. A variation of the Puma One H8 was called Puma One Rugby 2 which involed the incorporation of the 8 metal studs with the looks of the Puma ONE football boot. It featured a premium leather on the instep going towards the medial and a sock collar for a snug fit around the ankle.