Rugby Boots For A Sevens Player

We have been watching the IRB Rugby Sevens series and during the games we spotted that the Kenya team which has some of the quickest guys in the game were all wearing Nike Rugby Boots. This made us take stock of what boots would be good for a 7’s player and what type would it be? Well before we answer that the majority of the Kenyan players were in the:

The Mercurial are harder to find now so we have picked four here that we think fill the bill as well as the Mercurial seen above and worn by most of the Kenyans.

Sevens Rugby Boots

What Rugby Boots Are Best For 7’s Players

Sevens players no matter if they are forwards or backs need to be agile on their feet and if possible have pace to burn. The scrums, rucks or very occasional mauls are usually very quick without more than say three players from each side involved.

This means that the forces exerted on the feet are more from running and change of direction, so players will need a light low cut boot that will give good traction for speedy take off and then good grip fro changes of direction. The other big thing with sevens is most games are played on firm or hard grounds meaning the boot of choice will be a firm ground one.

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