Scrum-half Rugby Boots

What is the best Boot selection for a scrum half? They are nippy flexible players and need a boot that fits this skill set. The key requirements in a scrum halves boot would be flexible with good studs for purchase to allow for changes of direction and good acceleration.

Choosing Boots for Scrum Halfs

The Position

The Scrum-half is the key player in the team and at the centre of all that happens. He is the link between the forwards and backs and as such he tends to be the first decision maker on plays.

Most scrum halfs tend to be the smaller players as they need to quickly get in and out of situations. Their skillset requires that they can pass of both hands without delay and from any position. They ideally will be able to kick with either foot. They need quick acceleration and speed. In defence they need to be tenacious tacklers often taking down big forwards as they are the first line of defence around the scrum or breakdown.

With all these skills the majority are also cheeky outspoken guys who can bark orders to the big forwards and get results. With these attributes scrum-halfs will have their own boot preference, however our thoughts are that they need a boot which is lightweight, but robust and not necessarily long lasting as they will take a lot out of their boots in a short period of time.

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