Soane Tonga’uiha and Masi Matadigo-Mizuno Wave Samurai 4 SG Rugby Boots

The Pacific Island players are all about power and now strong scrummage has become part of their game, as evidenced by Tonga’s front row forward; Soane Tonga’uiha. Another islander but a back rower, also from the power front is Fiji No.8 Masi Matadigo. Along with these two, you can see quite a few of the other islanders in the yellow and black Mizuno Wave Samurai boots:

What Boots Does Soane Tonga’uiha and Masi Matadigo Wear?

The guys along with several other of the islander players wear Mizuno Wave Samurai 4 SG Rugby Boots Yellow and Black. The 2011 update from the Samurai 3.

Soane Tonga’uiha

The uppers are made from soft K-Leather, and thus provide forwards with the power and stability they require during a scrum, ruck/maul or around the park. The upper of the boot gives key areas of the forefoot extra support and structure. The suede collar lining in the ankle area ensures the fit is comfortable from day one. A further plus is a removable sockliner with “Vs-1 cushioning” in the heel.

The front foot sole area has six studs meaning that the boot offers the maximum amount of traction, vital during the scrum, there are a further two additional studs underneath the heel to improve the stability as well as helping with acceleration.

These particular boots the: Wave Samurai 4 SG Rugby Boots come in the colour; Yellow and Black.

Masi Matadigo

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