Brand Used World Cup Kickers

Top Scoring Boots At 2011 Rugby World Cup

Eleven types of boots were successful at kicking points at the tournament, from six brands. But this was a category dominated by adidas, their boots scored over 50% of the points that were kicked at the tournament and their Predator RX alone contributed 487 of the total 1086 kicked (45%).

Boot Brand/Style Total Scored

It obviously helped adidas that 63% of players who kicked points at the tournament did so wearing adidas rugby boots, a resounding compliment to adidas for the love international rugby players have for their boots when it comes to kicking.

Brand Used World Cup Kickers

The only boot that came anywhere close was Nike’s Tiempo contributing 22% of the tournament’s kicked points or 237 points, the brand responsible for 35% of the RWC 2011 kicked points thanks to the use of the Laser, CTR360 & Superfly boots as well as the Tiempo.

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