Under Armour Clone Magnetico Pro Rugby Boots

Rugby matches are getting fiercer and more intense and the same tight battle is happening between rugby boot manufacturers today as they attempt to produce the best in all forms of comfort-weight, fit, and sensation, all without sacrificing the need for durability. Under Armour, though relatively young considering how long the likes of Adidas, Gilbert, Canterbury, and Asics have been on the market, is already heavily involved in this competition with their launch of the Clone Magnetico Pro.

This predominantly white UA boot just got released this year to serve as the host of the brand's latest technological innovation-the Clone Adaptive Technology. With only minimal applications of black for the quarter-vamp seam division and UA logo, the Clone Magnetico Pro would certainly be welcomed by those who find the pristine look of a white boot appealing.

Key Points for the Under Armour Clone Magnetico Pro

As the name implies, the centrepiece of this type of Under Armour Magnetico Pro is the application of the company's Clone Adaptive Technology to the upper. It is called adaptive technology for the simple reason that the internal material would expand and contract depending on the foot's natural movement, thus making the structure and fit of the Clone Magnetico Pro very conforming to the individual's foot shape. Without any other structural reinforcement, the Clone Magnetico Pro also removes any friction or pressure point that might produce unpleasant sensations to the foot.

Beneath the outer skin is an internal layer of a low-density, flexible auxetic material. Surprisingly, our tendons with their normal range of motion are considered to be auxetic, and with the application of auxetics in the Clone Magnetico Pro, the boot inherits high energy absorption and fracture resistance attributes as well as significant comfort in terms of lightweight load. It also contributes to the function of the boot to mould around the foot for a glove-like fit and feel.

For ball grip, the forefoot is textured through the horizontal zigzag stitchings going across from medial to lateral side.

Working in harmony with the Clone adaptive upper is the Charged Cushioning, Under Armour's footbed technology that aims to provide both shock absorption and energy return at the same time during acceleration.

Fans of boots that provide a hugging around the ankles can add the Clone Magnetico Pro to their collection. The boot features a CompFit collar which seamlessly connects to the tongue. The tongue is somehow extended beyond the height of the collar to act as a pull tab when wearing the boot.

The lightweight transparent chassis for the soleplate flexes to the foot's natural movements when running, making it easy for a player to dart into any direction. The soleplate screams speed and agility as it houses 12 conical studs with all of them placed near the edges of the soleplate. A single slanted blade just outside the midfoot adds to the boot's traction. It also has two curved blades circling around the toe area and somehow resembles the toe agility zone of the Hyper Precision outsole of the Nike Phantom VSN 2.