Under Armour Clone Magnetico Rugby Boots

Rugby matches are getting fiercer and more intense and the same tight battle is happening between rugby boot manufacturers today as they attempt to produce the best in all forms of comfort-weight, fit, and sensation, all without sacrificing the need for durability. Under Armour, though relatively young considering how long the likes of Adidas, Gilbert, Canterbury, and Asics have been on the market, is already heavily involved in this competition with theirĀ  Clone Magnetico. Clone Magnetico is now on its third generation.

Key Points for the Under Armour Clone Magnetico



3d Textures for grip






clone upper for fit adaptability






flat, stable outsole





The main focus of the Under Armour Clone Magnetico if fit adaptability. The Clone upper really takes the shape of the foot and moulds well around it. The wrap is pretty close but nonetheless moves well with the flexing and twitching movements. There might be some issue though on the forefoot, as some might experience some cramping sensation around the toes. Surface-wise 3D textures are placed to add some grip on the ball. Off-centred lacing invites the rugby player to use the Clone Magnetico as a kicker’s boot.

This is one of those boots that feels padded, and so while it might be lightweight, it does have that substantial feel resting around your foot.

The outsole is stable and flat, bringing the entirety of your sole closer to the ground. It can feel refreshing as some boots have that toe lift that forces players to be on their toes most of the time.




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