Warrior Skreamer Pro-Lite Rugby Boot Review

We recently managed to get our hands on a pair of the new Warrior Skreamers, so we took them down to the park and put them to the test.

Warrior Skreamer Pro Lite

We immediately felt the effects of the deep lacing system, designed to enhance the fit and feel of the boots which are made from lightweight PU synthetic.

The ‘Murderhole’ cutouts on the heel of the boot were designed to further increase the comfort levels, while the internal heel counter provides added support and stability.

We found that the superior fit of the Skreamers had the added effect of assisting our kicking, allowing us to ensure our plant foot was stable, and helping us generate more power and accuracy.

Strategically positioned blades provide fantastic traction and ensure explosive acceleration is a given, while the cutting edge design ensures you’ll stand out on the field!

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