What boots would best suit a Wing Threequarter

What is the best boot selection for a wing? They are usually the fast elusive players with fast feet for changes of direction with rapid acceleration, so need a boot to fit this. We should look at the key requirements in a boot and they would be flexible with good studs for purchase to allow for changes of direction and good acceleration.

The Position

The Wing will often have similar attributes to the scrum-half. However the skill set is excellent handling skills, be able to beat opponents by speed, change of pace, evasion and hand-off. He is the finisher and will be called upon to instigate counter attacks or support the fullback or his opposite wing.

Boots for Wings

Wings in the modern game vary in size and although there are more and more big fast men it is still a position with little fast men with great changes of pace and direction. Wingers must have a high work rate and go looking for the ball if it is not coming in their direction. They should be able to read the game and anticipate what happens next.

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