What Rugby Boots are best for a Centre

What Rugby Boots are best for a Centre? The Centre needs a combination of skills as he will need to be both fleet of foot and committed in attack, whilst strong and firm in defence. This leads to need for a boot which allows good foot contact with the ground in all conditions.

The Position

The centres should have the confidence to take on and beat his opponent and play the ball out of the tackle. Centres are often involved in set moves from the scrum and lineout and should be prepared to read the game and anticipate what happens next from open play. The centre is the eyes for the fly-half at the beginning of set plays communicating any changes occurring in the opposition defence. The centre should be able to deliver a variety of short and long passes, kick diagonally, high or grubber style, to beat flat defences. The Centres need to have excellent contact skills. They are often the first tacklers in defence. They should be able to retain the ball in contact and support the new ball carrier after a pass.

Boots for Centres

Top Centres need robust boots which also can offer similarities to those worn by the wings and fullbacks allowing them to be light on their feet, but also a boot that is good in contact with the ball.

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