What Rugby Boots are best for a Fly half no.10

What rugby boots would be best for a fly half? The fly half or number 10 needs to be quick off the mark, able to change pace or direction quickly and to kick off both feet. This leads them to needing a snug, comfortable but light weight boot.

Top 10’s, such as Jonny Wilkinson wear boots which will help them control the ball when kicking and he helped develop a special version of the Adidas Predator RX, as did Dan Carter. Since then the latest boot technology Dan Carter and others are using is the Adidas Predator Incurza XT. This is the 5th iteration for the Predator and it continues to break new ground in kicking and ball control innovation.

There are a lot of good up and coming 10’s out there and some fantastic kickers, all who practice the art, rather than name them we have chosen other boots which should help you and they are shown below:

The Position

The number 10 is the pivotal position in the team. The fly half is a key decision maker, as he will often decide the direction (left or right) and the width (close or wide) of the next play, or the depth of the kick (short or long). He could also decide to run the ball and make a break. He will make his decisions based on the strengths of his team, good forwards or back, or sometimes both. He must have almost a telepathic understanding with his scrum half and trust his centre to support his plays.

Boots for number 10’s or fly half’s

In attack the fly half should decide how flat he can take the ball (close to the gain line) in order to threaten the defence. He may attempt to break or retain possession on contact. He is also responsible for bringing his centres, wings and forwards into play with a variety of passes or kicks. The 10 can work as a pivot taking the ball stationary and moving on to runners. he should also work to have the ability to change pace, with quick acceleration and sidesteps.

In defence he plays a full role as a tackler and he will help to co-ordinate back line defence from set pieces. He should work hard to ensure his line goes up at the pace of the slowest player cutting down the options for the attackers.

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