What Rugby Boots for a Fullback no.15

What rugby boots would be best for a fullback? The fullback or number 15 needs to be pacey, able to change direction quickly and to kick off both feet. This leads them to needing a snug, comfortable but light weight boot, often now a football boot or styled on one. Top 15’s, wear boots which will help them control the ball when kicking one such is the:

Boots for number 15’s or fullbacks

Other boots that should suit as well as these are:

The Position

The full back often has greater opportunity, time and space to read the game as it unfolds in front of him in attack or defence than the players in front of him. The ability to read the game and to anticipate what happens next is a key quality in a full back.

When attacking he should look to be involved by either being a strike runner (coming from depth into a gap and receiving a ball) or acting as a decoy runner to hold the attention of the defence. The full back can vary where he comes in to the line, but should do so at pace. If the ball is kicked into his own half, the full back should look to link up with other players such as his wingers and counter attack.

In defence he is often the last line of defence. He should help to organise the defence, as he has a wider vision than most players. If a player makes a break, he should shorten the thinking time of the attacker by moving towards him in a controlled manner, shepherding him towards the touchline. As plays unfold the full back should move across so he is outside the ball carrier

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