What Rugby Boots for a Lock 2nd Row

What rugby boots should a lock look for? The Lock or Second Row is usually a big powerful guy and so like the Props needs a strong boot with good support.

The Position

The Lock who is also called a Second Row (2nd row) is the powerhouse of the scrum and as the name implies locks the front row of props and hooker tightly together.
Locks are usually the bigger guys on the field using leg drive to push the scrum forward and being athletic jumping in the lineout to secure the ball, or from the restarts to catch the kick-off. Locks as big guys are used in the open to run the ball up in contact and as such need to able to run with the ball in hand and protect it.

Boots for Locks

As with the Props, the Lock needs a boot that is strong to withstand the forces of pushing in the scrum as well as driving off the ground when jumping in the line-out or to catch a kick-off. The boot also needs to give good ankle support.

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