Where can I buy Supersize Rugby Boots

We got asked the question the other week, with the new season fast approaching a guy with size EU51.5 approximately Size 16 UK and US 17. Wanted to know where he could buy a pair of boots, one for grass and one for synthetic surfaces?

How do I buy extra large rugby boots

Well as you can guess this is not the sort of question we get asked every day and we had no idea. However, we are about supplying
information, advice and everything about Rugby Boots and we were not to be defeated. So we put our super sleuth on the case and gave him 24 hours to come up with a suggestion. He did not disappoint and in fact within hours he had been in contact with a couple of people and first up Adidas offered us a name Walktall.

Large Foot sizes and Walktall

Walktall are the UK’s number 1 retailer of shoes in large sizes. Their goal is to bring you the best of the high street in hard to find sizes at competitive prices. They offer a diverse range of footwear, in sizes 12-19, from the world’s biggest brands plus a great selection of tall fit clothing. As you would expect, amongst the products they offer are rugby boots.

Special Deals for RugbyBoots.net

We are pleased to say that Walktall have offered all our readers a special introductory 10% and to take advantage of this offer you will need to quote: rugbyboots10, offer code when you place your order with: http://www.walktall.co.uk

Who are Walktall

Walktall is part of Foot Shop Ltd, a family-run company that was started by David Price in the early 1980’s under the trading name of “Simple Way”. Simple Way supplied DIY shoe kits providing shoe kits for people to construct their own shoes, making any adaptations they required in the process. Elsewhere, in 1984 Cosyfeet was started by a gentleman who saw a demand for slippers for people with swollen or difficult feet. The Cosyfeet business gradually grew and in 1990 was bought by David Price.

Following on from the success of Cosyfeet, in 2005 Foot Shop Ltd purchased Walktall, an established mail-order catalogue business
specialising in the supply of branded men’s footwear in sizes 12 to 19. Having successfully introduced a web-site and on-line shop, Foot Shop has successfully grown this business over the last few years.

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