White adidas 2013 Kakari Rugby Boot Design

Having got hold of another leaked image from adidas’ 2013 range, here is the white Kakari that they have in the pipeline, which we expect to see rolled out in time for the 6 Nations next year.

The Kakari is a boot designed for forwards, and specifically front-rowers, and boasts a Bravo synthetic leather which is incredibly strong, ideal for the rigors of tight-forward play, and also prevents the boot from losing its shape.

The Kakari is 10% lighter than the model that preceded it, the Flanker, and the 2013 version carries on what looks to be a recurrent theme for adidas as it adopts the predominantly white colourway.

The synthetic print on the in-sole helps look the foot in for added stability, while the 5mm heel wedge decreases the risk of injury, and helps maximise traction when driving and mauling.

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