Wide-Lasted Rugby Boots

Quite often players will require a wide fitting boot and we understand that a better fitting boot equals a better player. We've put together below some of the boots available that have a wide fit and this means you can avoid boots that are too long just to get the right accommodation for your width.

Best Wide Boots

Mizuno Waitangi PS

Wide-feet fans of the brand's 'function-over-form' approach to boots would be delighted that Mizuno has a wide-lasted boot in the form of the Waitangi PS. Their expectation of a durable make would surely be met as well as the Waitangi offers a durable yet soft Primeskin upper.

Canterbury Stampede 3.0

Coming from a brand that is a staple in the world of rugby, the Canterbury Stampede 3.0 is another excellent option for those seeking a wide-sized boot and also offers additional features like abrasive-resistant PU midfoot on top of its wide-fit Powerlast.

Gilbert Kaizen X 1.1 Power

On the other hand, Gilbert Kaizen X 1.1 Power is 8 studded and also utilizes the Prozone Wide Fit last. For wide-feet players looking for premium Grade A leather upper, consider this boot.

Gilbert Kaizen X 2.1 Power

The Gilbert Kaizen X 2.1 Power SG belongs to the brand's family of 8-stud boots and incorporates the Prozone Wide Fit last to welcome wide-feet players in experiencing the grip and traction a Gilbert 8-stud boot provides. It is partnered with a light microfibre upper.

XBlades Voltaic Elite 2020

One of the widest of the already wide family of XBlades boots, the Voltaic Elite 2020 is sized at 2E and partners this wide last sizing with a breathable lightweight Magknit upper construction and a leather forefoot to produce a boot that is fatigue-reducing and endurance-boosting.

XBlades Jet Max 2020

XBlades boots, in general, are wide-feet boots with a standard sizing of 2E. However, the Jet Max 2020 FG is the widest of them all as it is available in 4EE, allowing the Jet Max to deliver the benefits of the Jet silo like the Sidewinder outsole and skeletal lacing to the literal bigfoots of the game.