Wings Boots

The Pace Men. The Speed Merchants. The Flying Finishers. The wings on a rugby team are the out-and-out speedsters – the side's fastest players with an eye for the try line and a killer instinct. Wingers not only need to be able to finish opportunities when they are provided by the teammates but must create them when nothing else presents itself.

Best Boots For Wings

Nike Mercurial Vapor 13

The ultimate speedster meets its ultimate speed boot with the Nike Mercurials. The low-cut Vapor 13 is a boot with a 360° light knit upper construction called Flyknit that is extremely balanced-structured enough to avoid being flimsy yet soft and pliable to flex and be in sync with the wing's run.

Adidas Predator XP

The Predator XP's versatility is such that even wings can take advantage of the stable platform it provides for weaving runs. Its lightweight outsole provides support for side steps and its heel raise gives the player a headstart when beginning his sprint. Its knitted upper fits snugly, making sure the boot stays on foot no matter how hard the sprinter paddles his foot.

Nike Phantom GT

If a feel-good factor is what you prioritize most as a wing, then the Nike GT certainly suits your taste. The combination of Flyknit and Generative Texture provide unmatched nice sensation in terms of fit and touch.

Now and then a wing will need to kick, pass or tackle. But first and foremost they need to run. They need to be fast, they need to be explosive, and they need to be dynamic. A wing's boots must hug their feet like a second skin, provide optimal traction for changing direction at top speed, and by as light as is humanly possible.