Choosing a Pair of Rugby Boots for Women

The top boots on the market are all designed with specific positions and roles on the field in mind, rather than whether men or women will be wearing them. With that in mind, women should select boots based on the same criteria as men, choosing light-weight 'speed boots' if they play in the back, boots created specifically to aid and enhance kicking if their on-field role calls for them to put boot to ball regularly, and boots designed primarily to generate traction and stability for Forwards.

As a general rule of thumb women will need to go up half a size from what they normally wear if buying boots in Men's sizes, e.g. a Women's UK 5 becomes a Men's UK 5.5. This is because more often than not men's feet are broader than women's.

It would certainly appeal to women that Nike has included both men and women sizing figures on the product boxes for visibility purposes. It also doesn't hurt that Nike has also marketed its leading silos and their SG forms in the women's section of its website. On that regard, women are welcome to take advantage of the benefits of Mercurial Superfly 7/Vapor 13, Phantom GT, and Tiempo Legend 8 especially if they are part of the backs, with the Tiempo Legend 8 and the Phantoms being suitable as well for flankers and number eights if they are preferring for a lighter or grippier option respectively.

Adidas and other leading manufacturers do not have the same labelling yet and also do not have their leading silos explicitly marketed for women, but as far as sizing is concerned, the abovementioned rule of thumb applies. Forward women can opt to try Adidas Kakari X Kevlar or the Kakari Elite, with the Adidas Predator XP or Puma Future 5.1 presenting lighter sensation due to their knitted uppers. Backs may also try the Predator XP or the likes of Gilbert 1.0 KN. Kickers or number eights that will opt to control the ball in the scrum through their feet may want to consider the Adidas Predator Malice Control whenever a right size and fit presents itself, as well as the Under Armour Magnetico Control Pro with its MatchControl Pass pad.