X Blades Wild Thing Boot Review

We recently got hold of the new Wild Things from X Blades, so we thought we’d put them through their paces to find out just how ‘wild’ these striking looking boots really were!

Robust construction, a centralised lacing system and the unique wrap-around tongue meant the Wild Things immediately made an impression with their superior fit and comfort, with a finish which is lightweight yet still offers support and protection.

Famous for their bladed soles X Blades’ latest offering provided optimal grip and allowed me to explosively accelerate and change direction without sacrificing top-end speed.

As eye-catching as the design is the innovative pattern across the front of the boot is functional as well, with the raised rubber sections creating friction with the ball, greatly enhancing accuracy and power.

The cushioned heel added to the comfort levels but also provided additional support for my plant foot when kicking.

wild thing 200

The dual-density soleplate further enhances the ability to leap into action, whilst still provided the stability and support needed to perform at optimal levels.

The X-Release System, which prevents the boots from getting stuck in soft surfaces by releasing the blades’ grip under extreme strain minimised the risk of injury to the ankles, knees and hips.

Overall, a boot which provided high levels of comfort, and was equally impressive when it came to performance.


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