X Blades Wild Thing Un-boxing

We recently received a pair of the new Wild Things by X-Blades, a striking looking boot with tons of innovative features.

The first thing that struck us was the bold colourway. In Australian-like Green and Lime, the boots, and even the box itself, certainly stood out!

The Wild Thing is a real performance boot; lightweight yet sturdy, with plenty of functional developments to aid kickers and enhance a players power and stability on the field.

While the pattern across the whole body of the boot may look eye-catching it serves a purpose as well, with the rubber sections creating friction with the ball and helping kickers with distance and accuracy.

A centralised lacing system and a unique wrap-around tongue, not to mention the speed ortholite innersole, conspire to create a boot which is immensely comfortable.

Underneath, the dual density soleplate means there is plenty of flex in the front of the foot, perfect for explosive acceleration, while the rear of the boot is solid and robust.

The blades on the bottom of the boot boast the highly advanced X-Release technology, which encourages the boots to release their grip under extreme strain, preventing the foot from becoming stuck, and decreasing the risk of injury to ankles, knees, hips, etc.

Overall, our first impressions were very positive. The boot was well made, was encouragingly light yet reassuringly solid, and also looked great!


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